From global may to the october of change

May 15th 2013 is not only an anniversary, it is a period of intense, decentralized fight with actions all around.

It is a date to recover the inclusive and generalized dimension of the fights against the Troika and the austerity measures, responsible for the financial genocide.
After two years, we have been through the phases of protest and building of some demands, and we have appealed to the political class to consider our demands by means of different actions: signature collecting, massive demonstrations, civil disobedience, etc.

All of them were important phases to construct a social legitimacy, because we think that our demands are not negotiable and that just asking for a change doesn’t make it happen.

Once the proposals are defined, with some of them even reaching the institutions and still being ignored, it is time to attack corruption and financial capitalism, and not only in a symbolic but also in a material way through concrete practises. That is why it is not only a date with a demonstration, but also a whole month of action against the direct responsibles of the growing precariety and loss of rights that we are suffering. For this reason, this Global May is being proposed as an escrache to lobby the system and to show that it is not a problem of not being able to, but rather of not wanting to. It is a matter of political will.

As always, this will be a May 15th independently of acronyms, political parties, trade unions or any other form of representation; one that generates consensus among the different social sectors. A Global May that goes beyond the limits of the movement to create an space of struggle for the whole society.
We see this May 15th as one step further in the constituent process that would produce the social change that we’ve been demanding for a long time.

This process doesn’t know about borders and calls to a full recognition of all the people so as to construct a universal citizenship. The development of this May of struggle has seen other countries join: Portugal, Italy, Slovenia, Austria, Germany, France, Cypruss, England and Greece have also scheduled actions against the politics of the Troika, revealing the transnational dimension of the mobilization and the powers.

This spring will light the fuse that will lead us to a European Autumn that is already being organized through meetings and networks, and that will mean taking a step further in the construction of a constituent process and a new phase of common fight to produce a change.

Don’t ask for your rights, take them. Let’s rescue people, not banks.


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